Realtor partnership


Our maturing alliance with local realtors has been vital to our success in the luxury home development process. You are a vital piece to the strategic puzzle. We truly believe that when you are successful, we are successful and value a true partnership. We look forward to working with you!

1. Bring us a seller

When you refer us a property on the buy side, you will not only earn your fee on that original listing, but also a commission for representing us. In addition, you automatically become the exclusive agent for the new home we develop while earning a commission on the new, much higher value!

2. Bring us a buyer

Do you have a buyer looking in the $4 million to $15 million range? Avoid the MLS and contact us first… We will pay you a 3.5% commission on anything we have in our inventory! We always have lots in prime neighborhoods being underwritten, designed, permitted and ready to build.

3. Introduce us

If you have a client looking to build a new home on their existing lot, or a property on the market, simply make an introduction. When they build with us, you’ll qualify for special compensation for the referral alone! In addition, if you bring us a pocket listing for a teardown, we likely already have buyers that will want us to design and build for them on that lot. This happens all the time so don’t be afraid to ask.

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Realtor partnership program

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